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Senin, 24 November 2008

“sister. . i miss sister and father. . ”

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“sister. . i miss sister and father. . ”

moment sun has showed the face has indicated morning arrive. dafa aged bew 5 year even also gets up from sleep it, “huwah. . fafa still [sleepy. . ”dafa mumble while steam. aldafa call the name self with the title fafa. aldafa has 2 woman elder brothers that named syalara and tyas. but aldafa live apart from the first sister (syalara) and his father because the old person divorce. .

“tyas. . get up. . ”ask dafa. . “huwah. . emm. . i still sleepy fa…”said tyas. dafa only differ one year with tyas. . they are accustomed get up self and do all a certain it self unassisted their mother. . “fa. . come on bathe .. ” invite tyas. “ah. . doesn't want. . still cold. . ”answer dafa.

“ih. . later if we are not yet bathe at angry mother. . ” tyas remind dafa.

“ah let it be. . because i am resentful. . we are certain bathe self again. . ” dafa say like that because felt less payed the mother. tyas then flatter dafa, final dafa want to bathe. .

they bathe wet origin because not yet can clean body truely. “ih. . Tyas you don't wear soap and toothbrush. . yeah? ”dafa ask to the his sister. “nothing. . i am finished bathe”. answer tyas. “a while ago you ask i bathed, but you self dirty, doesn't want to wear soap and toothbrush”. tyas direct out from bathroom. but dafa finish to bathe it beforehand. while say at heart “sister syalara certain go to school” dafa felt to miss to the first his sister. Obvious tyas feel same thing after dress insides his room gazes at the sister photo, then kissing that photo. . arrive - arrive dafa the startle. “sister. . do you miss also yeah same sister syalara? ” tyas answer “iya. . i also miss same father fa. . father a long time doesn't come, and bring toy for we”. “a also miss so much sist.. same sister syalara even less same father. . as a long time i am not play fight and bite father. . ”dafa remember all memories with elder brothers and the father. then say again to his sister “enough sist.., come on we play again”. tyas said ”yeah. . come on fa. . ” and hurry to follow dafa out house.

during they separate from sister and their the father lives in derah other, at kampong their mother yard. there there rice field. . and menyawah that's dafa and across play. . they are berkejar - chase at rice field edge. and suddenly slip to fall rice field muddy. . “aduh. . i am fall fa. . ”said Tyas. “sister, you not careful run . . hold on my hand sist. . ” violent dafa. but obvious not Tyas that please dafa but even dafa come along fallen down into that rice field. . both of them laughs although hold back ill because their foot is chafed is hitted dry soil hem.

they return to remember syalara “yah nothing there sister syalaraya. . ”said dafa. “certain, if she there and she also falls, sister syalara crying. . hehe. . ”Add Tyas. come on fa, we are out from here. . ” invite Tyas. dafa answer “iya. . ”.

sun begins sunk, evening even also arrive. their father is calling from jakarta. “hallo” address father “iya. . hi. . father yes. . ”said dafa happily;gladly. “dafa same Tyas again what. . ? ”. ask father. “a same Tyas watching television. . ” answer dafa. “father. . send money to buy toy. . ” Tyas direct grab telephone from dafa. “iya. . later father sends. . ” answer father. “sister syalara which father. . ? ” ask Tyas that want to speak in her sister. “sister. . i am watching television both dafa. What are you doing sister. . ? ” ask Tyas angered with the sister. “I am learning pliers. . do you miss me. . ? ” answer syalara. “iya. . so much. . i am same dafa miss you so much. . same also father. . ”

“fafa. . also miss sister syalara. . sist. . when does you come here. . here same also father? ” ask dafa with low tone. “ I don’t know when fa. . iya later i am there, meet you same Tyas yeah. . live here also yeah with me and father. . ” clear syalara.

“ah. . sister. . when want here. . ? ” whine dafa. “wait a moment yah, i ask father formerly. . ” try to tranquilize it. then ask to the father “father. . we when meet dafa same Tyas. . ? ” father answers “ later my daughter, if you are school free time then father takes to leave. . ” and syalara even also try to explain to return in her young sister and young brother. “fa, our father word is there fit i am free time school”.

school free time arrives, syalara and the father visits dafa and Tyas. . then Tyas and dafa very happy and greet their sister arrival and their father. final across and dafa come along sister and the father to jakarta and they spend days together with full happiness…

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