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Senin, 23 Februari 2009

anomaly economic

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anomaly economy
“ corruption, pungli (wild pickings), and mark up project ”
jakarta ( suara karya ): “ government is asked soon fix various anomaly form at economics structure, like corruption, pungli, or mark up project, because during the time be far inflation organizer terribleer. correction in that instrument also demand cooperation between fiscal authority and be authority Menko Polhukam. “
anomaly that at economy area can retard goods distribution smoothness, also cause operating expenses and production swells, so that jump up price still not overcome. 
corruption that take root in indonesia be one of [the] factor inflation organizer, retard economic growth because make only rich some people in concerned in corruption. 

Bureaucracy in indonesia complex famous and difficult with illegal charge quantity is several factors that retard goods current smoothness. this have consequences in slowness paso so that society considers in this time happen to scarce denunciated goods so that they do purchasing on a large scale final also influential towards inflation increase. 
contribution acts anomaly like pungli, also strong influential pushes main need increase of price existence and another goods. 

mark up project that also can push to rise it rapid inflation and very harm country then have consequences to people. mark up project cost happens general facilities financing by government a part the fund corruptoin for individual. basic commodity or goods should use good ingredient with good quality appropriate estimation that is planned and fund that taked to make facilities disagree with fact that. project manager usually use ingredient with low quality that causes facilities be fast broken. the mentioned will harm facilities user also will enlarge estimation next for repair or facilities replacement that broken and can not be maked use again. 
solution or completion: 
corruption, pungli, with mark up project very difficult removed otherwise from cognizance each individual in concerned in it. but the mentioned still can be overcome by act that done government to cause the loss of bad habit that is by: 
1. give sanction and punishment very firm without see to who executant in concerned. 
2. give supervision to overcome goods distribution problem that can be retarded because be monkeyed by side - pihak certain. 
3. local government coordination must more be strengthened again because they are that impersonate big in distibused goods principal commodity to market. 
4. watch over food stock and distribution enough to depress rapid inflasi bureaucracy consequence difficult and pungli. 
5. simplify existing bureaucracy.

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