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Senin, 23 Februari 2009


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Indonesia Bank National clearance system 
(SKNBI-sistem kliring Nasional Bank Indonesia)
Source : Indonesia Bank

In a flash about clearance 

In Indonesia found 107 that conduct local clearance, both for carried out by also other party that indicated by Indonesia bank. 

Transaction that can be processed to pass clearance system covers debit transfer and credit transfer that espoused with letter physical transfer, good debit letter (cheque, gyro biljet, debt memorandum, etc) also credit letter. special for credit transfer, transaction value that can be processed to pass clearance is limitted be Rp. 100.000.000 while for transaction value Rp. 100.000.000 to on must be done pass Indonesia bank system real time gross settlement (system BI-RTGS).
4 (four) system kinds in clearance: 
a. Electronic clearance system or known with SKEJ, used at Jakarta. 
b. Automatic clearance system is used at Surabaya, field, and Bandung. 
c. system semi local clearance automatic or known with SOKL, used at 33 clearance areas that conducted by Indonesia bank and 40 another clearance areas that conducted by other party that indicated by Indonesia bank. 
d. with manual (at 31 administrators non-bi). 

Along with information technology development, efficiency need in clearance exertion even also. more increase. with daily average volume approximately 300.000 transaction sheet, credit letter use for fund transfer delivers bank passes clearance is one of [the] issues necessary payed especially related to letter printers cost and procedure to process itself letter. at others, credit transfer delivers bank passes system BI-RTGS, done according to paperless. besides, clearance system unity that used in this time and area scope limitedness in carry out credit transfer delivers bank passes clearance stills has local (only include transfer delivers existing bank in area local clearance), so that fund transfer deliver bank out clearance area must be done bank self pass other mechanism. 

From risk management side in has multilateral netting clearance exertion, in this time there is no a mechanism to anticipate entrant failure possibility in fulfil the duty in completion ends on clearance result. 

One of [the] efforts to realize efficient payment system, hurry, safe and believable so Indonesia bank applies Indonesia bank national clearance system (SKNBI). 
will remember SKNBI will replace clearance system in this time be used at 107 clearance administrators in Indonesia, so the applications will be carried out gradually. for early stage, SKNBI applied at Jakarta on 29 July 2005. 
Clearance Explanation 
1. Clearance letter transfer or electronic finance data (DKE) delivers good clearance entrant on behalf of also on behalf of entrant customer the calculation is finished periodically. 
2. SKNBI Indonesia bank clearing system that cover debit clearance and credit clearance completion final done according to national. 
Aim and benefit SKNBI 
Aim applieds SKNBI in clearance in Indonesia increase payment system efficiency ritel with fulfil principle - risk management principle in clearance exertion. 

Benefit SKNBI: 
1. For Indonesia Bank 
1.1 time efficiency and cost, especially in the case of: 
a. clearance operational with not heald physical credit letter; 
b. maintenance clearance application with used it system integration in all clearance area. 
1.2 available he is reach delivers bank passes clearance broader with at accomodate it clearance delivers area for credit transfer. 
1.3 fulfil principles risk management in clearance exertion has multilateral netting appropriate with core principles that taked by bank for international settlement (bus) 

2.For bank 
2.1 bank operating expenses efficiency in printers and credit letter administration process. 
1.2 more bank service reach broadness to customer. 

Characteristics SKNBI 
Administrator SKNBI 
1. national clearance administrator (PKN-Penyelenggara Kliring Nasional), that is work unit at Indonesia bank head office that have a duty to managed and conduct SKNBI according to national, 
2. local clearance administrator (PKL-Penyelenggara Kliring Lokal), that is work unit at Indonesia bank and bank that get Indonesia bank sanctions to managed and conduct SKNBI at a certain clearance area. 

Entrant SKNBI
Every bank can be entrant in exertion SKNBI at a clearance area if fulfil rules that appointed. 

Activity SKNBI 
1. debit clearance 
2. credit clearance 

Nominal limitation in SKNBI
1. credit transfer deliver bank that can clearance in credit clearance be Rp. 100.000.000 (one hundred million rupiah). 
2. debit letter value is not limitted except for debit letter shaped debt memorandum, that is as high as - height Rp. 10.000.000. (ten million rupiah) per debt memorandum. value restriction in when does debt memorandum published by Indonesia bank and attributed to bank or bank customer. 

Principal component SKNBI
SKNBI consist of 3 (three) principal components that is: 
1. clearance central system (SSK-Sistem Sentral Kliring) is hardware and software that used PKN. 
2. clearance administrator computer (KPK-Komputer Penyelenggara Kliring) is hardware component and software that used by PKL. 
3. clearance entrant terminal (TPK-Terminal Peserta Kliring) is hardware component and software that used by entrant. 
clearance time-table 
In Indonesia there three time zones to can do credit transfer, so credit clearance is carried out in 2 clearance cycles. Delivery DKE credit in first cycle is done to start at 08.15 s. d 11.30 WIB while delivery DKE credit in second cycle is done to start at 12.45 s. d 15.30 WIB. 
For delivery debit clearance DKE debit appointeds by each PKL with maximum limit clearance calculation result delivery local to SSK at 15.30 WIB. 
clearance cost 
In exertion SKNBI, Indonesia bank wears process cost to entrant magnitude: 
1. debit clearance
debit clearance process cost for clearance area separation the debit letter is done according to automatic as big as Rp. 1.500.000 (one thousand five hundred rupiah) per transaction with details Rp. 1.000.000 (one million rupiah) for process DKE and Rp. 500 (five hundred rupiah) for letter process. 
debit process cost for clearance area separation the debit letter is done according to manual as big as Rp. 1000 per transaction that be process cost DKE debit. 
2. credit clearance 
credit clearance process cost as big as Rp. 1000 per transaction.

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