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Senin, 23 Februari 2009


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grow with Planning..
at my blog there is a way of calculation deposit but definition or explanation other deposit not yet there… lets we share… 
Deposit Definition 
deposit savings only can be done in a given time period and condition - certain condition. deposit can liquefy after end duration. Deposit that will fall due extendable automatically (automatic roll over). Deposit not only in rupiah currency but also in foreign money. 
Time deposit 
1. Be savings the liquefaction is done based on a given time period. 
2. Usually has duration begins from 1, 3, 6, 12 until 24 months. 
3. At publish with pin up good deposit owner name a person also institution. 
4. To every depositor give interest magnitude and the payment time matching with the one which operative at its self bank. 
5. Deposit interest payment can be done each month or after fall due appropriate the time range. 
6. Payment can be done according to cash or non cash. 
7. To every depositor with certain deposit value is worn income tax from flower that accepted it. 
8. Deposit liquefaction before fall due usually worn fine. 
Certificate of deposit 
1. be savings that published with duration 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. 
2. certificate of deposit is published at sight in the form of certificate, without pin up deposit owner name. 
3. certificate of deposit can sell or buy to other party. 
4. certificate of deposit flower payment can be done in the face of, monthly or at the (time) of fall due, good also non cash. 
Deposit profit 
1. deposit can be made credit guarantee. 
2. get flower result usually higher from another savings form. 
3. can managed finance according to more plan as according to need and deposit duration. 
Some matter that must be payed in deposit 
1. ascertain you get biljet / marketable securities (time deposit / deposit certificate). 
2. at the (time) of fall due, you justifiably get main and deposit interest appropriate operative flower after is cut tax. 
3. at the (time) of deposit liquefaction, you has duty to signing liquefaction form. 
4. look at operative deposit rate level and ascertain pursuant to savings guarantor institution (LPS-Lembaga Penjaminan Simpanan).

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