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Senin, 23 Februari 2009

safe deposit box

rEspon mu... 
what do you know about safe deposit box…? ? ? 
safe deposit box
source: indonesia bank
Your high-value goods safe? has document - your important document also stored safe? or you know where true place - true safe to keeps document or your high-value goods is towards flooded, fire, and another disaster? ? 
Please read.. about service safe deposit box… 
Safe deposit box or SDB treasure storage box tenancy service or mail - marketable securities at plan special from steel ingredient and laided in space khasanah steady and flame resistant to watch over goods security that kept and give safe taste for the user. 
Usually goods that kept insides SDB tall valuable goods where the owner felts not safe to keep it at home. in general goods insurance expense that kept at sdb bank relative cheaper. 
Profit safe deposit box 
1. Safe. Storage space steady is equiped with security system then menerus during 24 clocks. to open it need key from tenant and key from bank.
2. Flexibel. Available in various size as according to tenant need both for also body.
3. Easy. Rules leases enough with open savings and gyro ( there bank doesn't presuppose the mentioned, but wear tariff differ). 
Several things necessary payed in safe deposit box: 
1. Cost existence that burdened to tenant, among others rent, key financial guarantee and delay in payment fine leases. 
2. Doesn't keep goods that forbidden in safe deposit box. 
3. Watch over so that key that kept customer doesn't lost or misused other party.
4. Show goods that kept when at all time need by bank. 
5. If key that held tenant losts, so key financial guarantee will be used as key replacement cost and demolition safe deposit box obligatory watchinged self by tenant. 
6. Has table of contents from safe deposit box and keep photo copy (copy) document at home for reference. 
7. Tenant responsibles when goods that kept to causes loss directly also not towards bank and another tenant.

Irresponsible bank on: 
1. Quality change and quantity, lost, or broken it goods bot such a bank error. 
2. Consequence goods damage force majeur like earthquake, flood, war, and as it. 

Goods may not or best may not be kept in safe deposit box among others: 
1. Fire arm / blasting material.
2. All goods kind at guess can endanger or botch safe deposit box concerned and vinicity place. 
3. Goods very need emergency likes authorization, well-being note when is tenant ill, when is tenant ill, when does tenant pass away (testament). 
4. Another goods that forbidden by bank or operative rule. 

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