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Senin, 23 Februari 2009

Indonesia Bank System Real Time Gross Settlement

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Indonesia Bank System Real Time Gross Settlement
(System RTGS)

In a flash BI-RTGS 
System applications BI-RTGS (Indonesia Bank System Real Time Gross Settlement) at Indonesia begun commencing from the date of 17 November 2000. System presence BI-RTGS as tool settlement (completion ends payment transaction) valuable more than Rp. 100.000.000. 
System BI-RTGS a electronic fund transfer system delivers entrant in rupiah currency the completion is done according to at the same moment per transaction individually. 
Does Benefit BI-RTGS ? 
1. Safe surplus funds transfer delivery, with exertion system security guarantee. 
2. Fast surplus funds transfer delivery with guarantee acceptable by receivers customer on the same day. 
Who is administrator BI-RTGS ? 
System BI-RTGS conducted by Indonesia Bank. 
who is entrant BI-RTGS ? 
system entrant BI-RTGS consist of entire banks and non bank, discriminated to be direct entrant and entrant not direct. Direct entrant that can do transaction RTGS directly by using RTGS entrant property terminal. While entrant not direct do transaction RTGS indirectly, the execution is done by Indonesia Bank by using RTGS Indonesia Bank property terminal.

System Process BI-RTGS
(1) Sender Customer 
(2) Sender Bank 
(3) S e t t l e m e n t RCC (RTGS Central Computer) Indonesia Bank 
(4) Receivers Bank 
(5) Receivers Customer 
When BI-RTGS carried out ? 
Indonesia Bank carries out transaction RTGS with transfer service clock stipulating RTGS deliver entrant in period time which uniform to 3 zones times in Indonesia (for customer in this time limitted to start at 06.30 s. d 16.30 WIB). Service clock in bank depends on condition and standard itself bank. 
When does result RTGS can know…? 
Based on Indonesia Bank rule will guarantee that fund at transfer will pass system BI-RTGS be accepted by slowest receivers customer on that also. If sender customer does fund transfer passes system BI-RTGS after bank service clock, so fund slowest will be accepted by slowest receivers customer on work next. 
What does cost RTGS? ?
Indonesia Bank decides system transaction cost BI-RTGS uniform to entire system entrants BI-RTGS. system transaction cost BI-RTGS that worn by bank to the customer depends on condition and standard itself bank. Indonesia Bank obligates every bank announces tariff system cost BI-RTGS, both for burdened Indonesia Bank to bank, also bank to the customer at every office. 

What RTGS safe? 
Standard pacification RTGS use system BI-RTGS safe, that is Indonesia Bank asks auditor independent information technology according to periodically to audits entire also network / network that used in system BI-RTGS, to assure that system safe. Has system backs up at location safe with the tackling procedure if face emergency condition. Entrant or also obligated so that has system backs up that suffice. 
periodical, entire entrants is obligated to do test-driving backs up and emergency condition tackling plan (DRP-Penanggulangan Kondisi Darurat) to ascertains all a certain it walk well. 
Also do supervision to entire entrant/banks to ascertain rules and rule that appointed by administrator RTGS to entrant related to operational activity RTGS filled. Entrant is obligated also do internal investigation towards operational activity RTGS then reported to Indonesia Bank. 
Tips Transact RTGS: 
1. Visit bank moment bank waitress clock so that fund transfer RTGS acceptable that very day. if pass internet banking careful bank service clock or ask to call center bank .
2. Fund transfer form contents RTGS completely and true. 
3. If do transaction at bank office after fill transfer form capitulate fund RTGS and pay cash or savings bill is debitted, so careful form transfer application, ascertain at valid bank, so that clear being processed.
4. If transfer command RTGS not yet accepted on the same day, ask information to call center or customer service that bank to does fund transfer RTGS. If transfer RTGS is not accepted as according to standard service (day same or tomorrow), so fund receivers RTGS justifiably get flower/repayment compensation as according to the savings kind in bank concerned.

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