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Senin, 23 Februari 2009

guarantee bank

rEspon mu... 
Come on know guarantee bank…. 
Guarantee Bank 
Indonesia bank source 
In use business plan, you may be has many projects the execution will be extradited to other party. you will need confidence that other party will fulfil the commitment as according to contract. but immanent possibility that project is not carried out appropriate plan so thet you experience loss. 
In this case bank gives guarantee bank service to increase your confidence and all at once minimize loss risk. 
Guarantee Bank Definition 
guarantee bank payment guarantee that given to guarantee receivers side, when does side that guaranteed not fulfil the duty. 
For example you plan to build a hotel so that you invite several contractors or supplier to come along to participate. for that you hold offer as mode choose contractor candidate or supplier that up to standard. 
In course of offer, you ask to entrant to extradite bid bond so that they don't cancel self according to arrive - arrive after indicated as winner offer. 
Usually project owner (bouwheer), you give payment in advance to offer winner to begin to carry out project. to prevent to lost it payment in advance because project winner breaks, you want advance payment bond. 
Besides, you also want performance bond so that you are sure that project is carried out as according to good agreement in the case of quality, time and the spesification. 
After project finished, you will need retention / maintenance bond before taking over is done so that you are sure that project executor will do post service duty will sell shaped change that be good and maintenance within certain. 
Another guarantee bank kind 
In practice, may be you find special guarantee bank likes guarantee to voyage company, guarantee warranty, customs bond and others. basically guarantee bank used to guarantee so that doesn't happen to break a promise by side has duty. 
Several things necessary payed for guarantee banks receivers 
1. Ascertain authenticity and guarantee bank validity by contact publisher bank. 
2. Investigate guarantee bank operative time as according to your project duration. 
3. Investigate and comprehend terms klaim to make easy you do kliam when need. 

For side that guaranteed guarantee bank 
1. Look at cost -fee that in order to guarantee bank publication. 
2. Execute duty matching with the one which make promise with guarantee receivers side so that doesn't happen claim on guarantee bank that published. 
3. Guarantee bank publication process the same as with extension of credit process, so that you necessary explain your effort openly to bank. 
1. Bid bond called also offer bond tender guarantee. 
2. Advance payment bond payment in advance guarantee. 
3. Performance bond performance bond 
4. Retention / maintenance bond maintenance guarantee.

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